How to Become a Dog Groomer in Florida

professional pet groomer at work

According to the Bureau of Labor, Florida is the 3rd best state in the nation for animal caretaker employment.

So if you love pets, pursuing a career as a groomer is a great idea.

Education & Training

To get started, its a good idea to get certified through a training program.

Benefits of the Program

The program is accredited by the AVMA.

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It provides everything you need to know about employment and entrepreneurial skills for a career in this growing field.

You will also get a certificate that helps to showcase your abilities.

The program emphasizes flexibility, with Penn Foster providing an online, self-paced format.

What Do They Teach You?

  1. Introduction to Pet Grooming
    • Exploring career opportunities, understanding basic equipment, client communication, and professional conduct in pet grooming.
  2. Foundational Skills and Resources
    • Developing skills for online learning, understanding Penn Foster’s resources, Code of Conduct, and enhancing study and time management skills.
  3. Introduction to Dogs and Cats
    • Studying breed backgrounds, characteristics, and handling methods for dogs and cats; including anatomy and appropriate handling techniques.
  4. Pre-Grooming Procedures
    • Learning about grooming tools and equipment, preparation steps for grooming, and basic grooming patterns and procedures for dogs.
  5. Dog Grooming Techniques
    • Detailed grooming standards and procedures for different dog breed groups: terrier, nonsporting, toy, sporting, herding, hound, and working.
  6. Advanced Grooming Techniques
    • Grooming poodles, mixed breeds, and puppies; understanding different poodle cuts and introducing puppies to grooming environments.
  7. Dog Personalities and Behavior Management
    • Identifying dog personalities, handling dogs with behavior problems, and using safety tools during grooming.
  8. Cat Grooming
    • Understanding cat personalities and specific grooming procedures for cats and kittens.
  9. Business Practices in Pet Grooming
    • Covering job descriptions, pricing, customer interaction, record keeping, and basic grooming business operations.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can pay in full for a discounted price of $649, saving $150 off the regular price of $799.

Alternatively, there are monthly payment plans available:

  • $749 with monthly payments of $50, starting with a $29 down payment, offering a $50 discount
  • $799 with monthly payments of $50, starting with a $39 initial down payment

How Long Is It?

The Penn Foster Pet Grooming Certificate program can be completed at your own pace, with an estimated fast-track completion time of 2 months. For most learners dedicating a few hours per week to their studies, the average completion time is around 5 months. This flexible schedule allows you to adjust the pace according to your personal and professional commitments.

Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a pet groomer in Florida is $15.94 per hour, or $33,160 per year.

Additional estimates:

State Requirements

Florida has no specific state-issued licensing requirements to become a pet or dog groomer.

However, if you are considering starting your own grooming business, you must register your business with with the Florida Department of State (

You may also need to obtain a local business license from the city or county where your business will operate.

What About Getting Insured?

Regarding insurance, while not mandated by the state, it is highly advisable to obtain liability insurance.

It can protect your business from potential legal claims arising from accidents or injuries that could occur during grooming.  Liability insurance can cover costs associated with these claims and help safeguard your business financially.

Some companies advertise it for as little as $25 a month.

It’s also worth considering other types of insurance, like property insurance if you own the space where you operate or workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees.

Career Stuff

Job Duties & Considerations

  1. Grooming Tasks:
    • Bathing, brushing, trimming, and styling pets’ fur.
    • Performing additional grooming services such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, and occasionally teeth cleaning.
  2. Customer Interaction:
    • Engaging with pet owners to discuss their pets’ grooming needs.
    • Providing advice on pet care at home.
  3. Breed Knowledge:
    • Understanding the specific grooming standards and requirements for different breeds.
  4. Safety and Handling:
    • Maintaining a safe grooming environment, especially with stressed or uncooperative animals.
    • Employing patience and proper techniques to handle pets safely.
  5. Business Management (for owners):
    • Managing appointments and maintaining grooming equipment.
    • Ensuring compliance with local regulations and managing the business aspects of the grooming service.
  6. Personal Qualities:
    • Passion for animal care.
    • A steady hand and attention to detail for precise grooming work.

Types of Dogs You Might Encounter

As a pet groomer, you’ll encounter diverse dog temperaments that will challenge your grooming skills and patience.

  • Anxious dogs may exhibit nervous behaviors such as shaking, whimpering, or trying to escape, requiring a calm and reassuring approach to make them feel secure.
  • Aggressive dogs can pose safety risks, displaying behaviors like growling, snapping, or biting, necessitating careful handling and possibly muzzling during grooming sessions to prevent injuries.
  • Additionally, some dogs may be difficult to groom due to their constant movement, sensitivity to handling, or dislike of specific grooming procedures like nail clipping or ear cleaning.

Each type of behavior demands specific strategies and techniques to manage effectively while ensuring the animal’s grooming experience is as positive as possible. Fortunately this is covered in the course aove.

Accessories & Equipment

As a pet groomer, you will need various tools and equipment to perform your duties effectively.

  1. Brushes and Combs:
    • A variety of brushes and combs suitable for different coat types.
  2. Clippers and Blades:
    • Professional-grade clippers and blades for precise trimming.
  3. Scissors:
    • Scissors for making detailed cuts.
  4. Grooming Tables and Harnesses:
    • Essential for safely securing animals and ensuring their comfort during grooming.
  5. Shampoos and Conditioners:
    • Various types of shampoos and conditioners tailored to different skin types and coat conditions.
  6. Ear Cleaning Solutions and Nail Clippers:
    • Solutions for cleaning ears and tools for clipping nails.
  7. Portable Grooming Station and Pet Dryer:
    • Useful for mobile groomers or those looking to enhance their salon setup to streamline the grooming process.

Operating from Home

Operating a pet grooming business from home in Florida requires adherence to local zoning laws, which may restrict or regulate commercial activities in residential areas.  Here is some helpful information from a local law firm:

Florida House Bill 403 now permits businesses to operate in residential areas, easing restrictions on home workspace usage. To determine if a home business license is needed, contact your local city’s main number, specifically requesting the business license handler or the zoning department. Alternatively, your local public library’s Reference Desk may provide guidance on the licensing process.

Ways to Get Clients

Consider marketing strategies such as:

  • creating a solid online presence with a professional website and active social media profiles
  • engaging in local community events
  • leveraging word-of-mouth by providing excellent service that encourages referrals
  • offering promotions or discounts to first-time customers can help draw in new clients

What About Contracts?

Regarding employment contracts, if you plan to hire additional groomers or assistants, it’s wise to have a written agreement. This should outline the terms of employment, job duties, compensation, and termination conditions.

A Client Grooming Agreement contract can help protect you or your employees from personal or professional harm and liability.

Including clauses that cover the specific responsibilities and liabilities related to pet grooming can further safeguard your business.

Places that Employ Pet Groomers

Notable employers of pet groomers in Florida include Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, which has earned multiple “Best Pet Groomer” awards.  They operate several locations throughout the state, offering high-quality grooming alongside a retail experience.

PupLuxe Grooming provides a mobile service in the Orlando area, delivering convenient grooming right to clients’ doorsteps.

Sarasota Grooming Company caters to communities around Siesta Key and Nokomis, providing everything from basic baths to detailed breed-specific trims.

Additionally, Riverview Grooming offers a luxurious grooming experience with services that include thorough baths, ear cleaning, and blow-drying.