Travel Agent in GA

How to Become a Travel Agent in Georgia

If you’re an outgoing, friendly person and enjoy helping others, then a career as a travel agent may be for you.  Learn what it takes to become a travel agent in GA.

Education and Training

Below are travel agent classes online, offered in conjunction with a local school or university.

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Most employers will require an individual to have at least their high school diploma or GED equivalent. Additionally, many employers prefer that candidates have a college degree and knowledge of the travel industry.

Those interested in becoming a travel agent can take courses at Georgia trade schools, community colleges, and four-year universities.

Required Courses

Topics that you will likely cover while studying to become a travel agent are:

  • Communication and negation
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Computer skills

Earning a Certification

Although not every employer will require a person to have a travel agent certification, earning one can help you stand out from other candidates during the hiring process.

Certification Options

Some examples of certifications may be able to earn are:

  • Verified Travel Advisor (VTA)
  • Certified Travel Associate (CTA)
  • Foundation in Travel and Tourism Diploma
  • Certified Cruise Counsellor Program
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation Specialist Training and Certification

Attending a Travel Agent Program

Attending a travel agent program is an effective way to get the training and education you need to succeed in the role. Whether you choose to take classes at a community college, trade school, or take a program completely online, a travel agent program is a great way to learn about the industry, develop the necessary skills, and even make contacts.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wondering how much it costs to become a travel agent? Costs can differ depending on which education track you take, as four-year degrees will likely cost more than a trade school program.

Travel agent certification programs can also vary in cost, though you can complete many for under 1k.

How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to finish your education as a travel agent depends on which path you take. Those who attend a vocational school or trade school may take up to two years to earn a degree, while individuals at a four-year college or university will take longer.

Travel agent certification programs vary in time, with most taking approximately 6 to 18 months to complete.

Georgia Travel Agent Requirements

There is no state mandate in Georgia that a person must obtain a license or certification to be a travel agent. However, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed some type of travel agent program.

Travel Agent Salaries in GA

Those curious to know what a travel agent salary in GA is should be aware that the total compensation can fluctuate depending on different factors. Agents make a flat salary if they work for an agency, and they also get commissions, money from service fees, and even incentives from the travel industries. The amount of money an agent can earn may also depend on experience, location, and agency size.

A few salaries you may be able to earn as a travel agent in the state of Georgia are:

  • Savannah $37,369
  • Athens $38,783
  • Augusta $37,216
  • Marietta $38,950
  • Atlanta $39,061

Job Description

Travel agents provide travel advice and booking arrangements for both individual and business trips, vacations, and retreats. Individuals in these roles can find these positions rewarding as well as profitable.

These workers sell transportation and lodging to clients depending on their needs. They also provide assistance with planning trip itineraries and making travel arrangements.

What Do They Do?

Some of the daily tasks that a travel agent may be responsible for on a daily basis are:

  • Arrange travel for clients
  • Figure out the client’s needs and preferences in terms of cost and schedule
  • Plan and arrange tour packages
  • Find information relating to fares and schedules
  • Calculate the cost of travel for the client
  • Book reservations
  • Describe trips to clients and advise of local attractions/customs
  • Provide details on necessary documents like passports and visas, health protocols
  • Make alternative booking arrangements

Other Skills Needed

These workers need a wide range of skills to help their clients and succeed in their roles. Customer service is one of the biggest skills that a travel agent will need. Agents are typically the first point of contact with customers looking to plan business trips, vacations, or other types of travel.

Career Outlook

Experts predict a healthy increase in travel agent jobs in the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the travel agent industry should increase by twenty percent over the next decade, meaning an additional 7,500 jobs per year. This will likely mean a sizeable increase in the number of travel agent jobs in Georgia needed.

There are a number of factors contributing to the expected rise in travel agent roles in the coming years. Experts suggest that much of the growth in the field will be from the recovery from COVID-19 and people resuming travel. Roles will likely also open up due to the retirement of older workers and individuals leaving the workforce for other professions.

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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