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Overview of Communications and Media Programs

As such a diverse field, media and communications have a little something for everyone. People who wish to be in front of the camera can pursue broadcast reporting or announcing. Those who prefer behind-the-scenes work can flex creative muscles by going through media programs for writing or go the technical route with video editing.

Certain media and communication classes even focus on advertising. Of course, job hopefuls interested in this work should also have a knack for sales.

Communications and Media Requirements

Prerequisites for employment in the industry depend on the type of career candidates seek. Still, most any work requires some kind of college degree or certificate from a school of media and communication.

Advertisers typically need to finish a communication program at a university before pursuing jobs. Interested individuals can get work as reporters after they complete a journalism degree or receive a certificate from a media school.

Communications and Media Career Outlook

Given the variety of work, it’s hard to pinpoint an average pay range in the field. Broadcasting, for example, can earn anchors and reporters a salary of about $65k each year. On the other hand, ad salesmen make anywhere between $40k and $55k annually, depending on the media they’re selling for and how much commission they earn.

Moreover, communications and media can be tricky to break into. However, advertising and communications careers tend to be steady once a person has established themselves as a professional.

Common Tasks

Job hopefuls who go through communication classes learn how to locate and reach out to potential clients, analyze costs and benefits, and prepare media kits. Students who pursue this type of education should have excellent people skills, as well as highly developed written and verbal communication prowess.

Meanwhile, media classes might focus on the software necessary to edit sound, how to operate cameras and other machinery necessary in the field, and pitching new stories or ideas. Persistence and stamina serve workers well in the harsh and fast-moving industry.

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