Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Programs

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Overview of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Programs

Culinary arts programs train students how to get into the service industry. While some prospective employees choose to focus on restaurant management, others spend their learn how to cook or bake so they can go on to work as chefs. Most courses of study dedicate time to food safety regulations, as well.

Culinary Arts Requirements

Educational requirements can vary depending on the career path. Applicants should be at least 17 years old to register at most culinary art schools, as well as hold a diploma or GED. For those who want to go into restaurant management, a four-year degree in business can aid in their professional development.

Culinary Arts Career Outlook

Culinary arts trade schools are in-demand due to the ever-growing industry. Head chefs can make upwards of $45k per year, while kitchen staff might earn closer to minimum wage, based on experience and skill. Working at a successful establishment garners salaries of about $50k annually.

Common Tasks

Food preparation makes up the majority of duties for cooks, pastry chefs, and bakers. Restaurant managers handle the administrative side, keeping shelves stocked, balancing books, and hiring new employees. Culinary arts classes also emphasize safety and sanitation. Proper storage and cleanliness regulations are vital.

Trade Schools with Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Programs

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