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Overview of HVAC & Building Services Programs

Though physically taxing, building maintenance is rewarding work. People with a passion for puzzles and hands-on labor perform best in the industry and should look into HVAC classes.

HVAC programs instill the necessary critical thinking and troubleshooting skills for work as everything from plumbers to electricians. Job hopefuls should keep up their strength and dexterity on their own time.

HVAC & Building Services Requirements

Most building maintenance workers’ highest education remains a high school diploma. With the exception of refrigeration, many companies prefer to hire employees who’ve gone through classes at an HVAC school. Sometimes employers look specifically for associate’s degrees before extending offers.

Additionally, apprenticeships are popular options in this field. Learning skills on the job while also attending an HVAC trade school gives students the confidence and experience to handle common issues.

HVAC & Building Services Career Outlook

Every structure from old to new requires upkeep. As such, the demand for careers in maintenance, plumbing, and electrical grow each year. Of course, fitness proves integral to job security. Though the industry remains steady, individuals who hurt themselves could be out of work for several months.

To compensate for the physical demand, building maintenance workers earn salaries between $40k and $60k annually.

Common Tasks

Specific duties depend entirely upon the use of the building. However, some general duties that all HVAC schools teach include:

  • Fixing or replacing broken electrical switches
  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Reading blueprints
  • Keeping a consistent stock of tools
  • Inspecting and testing finished work

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