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  • Fitness Trainer
  • Golf Management
  • Overview of Sports Management Programs

    Whether you enjoy leading a team to victory or staying behind-the-scenes handling recruitment or writing workout plans, a sports management career has options for everyone. Hardworking individuals with exceptional communication skills find success as fitness trainers.

    Golf management programs focus on the finance and marketing side of the sport. Organized, detail-oriented workers should check out this trade.

    Sports Management Requirements

    Job hopefuls should expect to complete some sort of sports management degree. Most fitness trainers and golf management trades finish at least an associate’s or bachelor’s program in fields like physical therapy or exercise science.

    Employers typically require candidates to earn a personal trainer certificate before hiring. Additionally, both sports management jobs receive hands-on training from an experienced professional.

    Sports Management Career Outlook

    Because athletics are an ever-present part of today’s society, the need for sports management jobs continues to grow. Sports management salaries differ depending on an individual’s location, education, and level of expertise they wish to pursue. For example, a home gym’s fitness trainer earns about $33k annually, while a personal trainer for a sports team makes an average $45k a year.

    Those employed in golf management trades can get anywhere from $20k to $40k.

    Common Tasks

    So, what can you do with a sports management degree? Both fitness trainers and golf managers focus on the well-being of their clients, whether it’s their physical health or overall customer service.

    As gym trainers, workers teach people basic exercises, write meal plans, and complete some desk work. Golf managers at private courses are responsible for maintaining the grounds, supervising patrons and staff members, and planning events and tournaments.

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