Oak Brook College of Law

Oak Brook College of Law students can earn a Juris doctorate or study to become a certified paralegal through online courses. The school incorporates a Christian worldview into its teachings, adding Biblical and historical context to legal curriculum.

Programs & Courses

Criminal Justice and Law

  • Paralegal

Campus Locations

Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy 7650 North Palm Avenue, Suite 101B, Fresno, CA 93711

Financial Aid Services

Tuition at Oak Brook College of Law costs much less than most law schools. It does not provide financial aid or participate in any loan programs. However, it offers a payment plan, which allows students to pay for a year of schooling over a 10-month period.

Student Services

Attendees are in constant contact with instructors and teaching assistants to ensure they understand course material and are making necessary progress. Tutoring is also available for those who need it. Academic advisors can answer questions, help students set goals and make sure they’re on track to reach them successfully.

Career Services

The alumni association aids new lawyers and paralegals in finding post-grad employment. The group can connect students with practicing attorneys, prospective employers and potential clients. Additionally, members offer assistance studying for the bar exam and Certified Paralegal Exam.

Alumni Services

The Oak Brook College of Law Alumni Association keeps former students in contact after graduation. The network helps graduates form professional networks and maintain faith-based connections with others. Alumni also take part in a mentoring program for first-year attendees and give continued support throughout their time attending Oak Brook.