Trade Schools

Choosing the Best Trade School for You

Whether you’re a recent high school grad, an adult changing career paths, or a military veteran, deciding on additional schooling can be difficult. With so many different programs and locations, it becomes even more challenging. Luckily, has all of the information you need to make the right choice for your education.

The Difference between Vocational and Trade Schools

While the terms can be used interchangeably, there are some subtle distinctions between the two.

Vocational School

  • Vocational schools let students focus on career-specific coursework to complete their degree or certificate quickly, usually in two years.
  • Careers involving these vocations are often in high demand and require unique skillsets.
  • Most programs do not involve general education classes and result in certificates.
  • Classroom learning is typically hands-on with facilities that resemble job sites.

Trade School

  • Programs offered at these schools mostly revolve around skilled trades.
  • Students can earn certificates, diplomas, or associate’s degrees.
  • Some attendees may have to take licensing exams or become apprentices.
  • Popular tracks include cosmetology, welding, HVAC, and dental hygiene.

Benefits of Post-Secondary Education

There are many advantages to choosing a trade or vocational school over a traditional college. Mainly, it’s a faster and more affordable entry into your dream career. Also, since these jobs tend to be in demand, you’ll be ready for the future. Begin work on your own terms by searching the schools on our site.

Flexible Schedules

Class schedules at trade schools can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. Working adults and parents may be able to attend evening courses or even complete their degree online.


Trade and vocational programs are often cheaper than traditional four-year colleges. In addition, most don’t require on-campus housing or tack on fees, further lowering the cost.


These schools let you join the workforce quicker and with more defined skills, usually in a timeframe of a couple months to two years. This is because classes only focus on what you need for the job.


There are vocational schools throughout the country in cities large and small, making it easy to find one near you. Local campuses are likely equipped with all of the necessary training facilities and equipment to offer relevant, hands-on learning.

Student Services

Students and graduates of trade programs can access services to help them succeed. These include everything from tutoring to career assistance.

What to Consider When Looking at Trade Schools

You’ll notice many differences between institutions when looking at Plus, picking the right vocation or trade can be daunting. Think about these points when trying to choose the field of study and school that fit you best.

  • Location – Is the school nearby? Do you plan to move? Are you ok with a commute?
  • Financial Aid – Are there scholarship opportunities? What are the options for assistance?
  • Career Potential – What is the rate of employment? Are there career services to help you get a job?
  • Programs – Does the school offer courses for the trade or vocation you want to study? Will you obtain the necessary training and certification?

Let Help

Our site has all of the necessary tools that allow you to select the best trade school for your lifestyle and future. Here, you can get information on locations, programs, financial aid, and student services. The vocations range from underwater welding to dental assisting. We list facts about schools across the country so you can find one near you. Give your career a fresh start by browsing today.