SEO for Trade Schools

We Help You Drive Traffic to Your School Website

Trade and vocational schools offer important educational and job services for many essential careers. Clark Optimization uses short-term website strategy audits to drive traffic and leads to your website, helping prospective students find your school on Google.

Digital marketing managers and specialists know how important it is to have a great-looking website that’s easy to navigate so audiences can find what they need. Especially if that means beginning a career that’s going to change lives. Learn more about how Clark Optimization can improve your trade school’s website.

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How Our Trade School SEO Experts Do It

Best Trade Schools demonstrates our expertise working in the trade school space on Google. A high-ranking website with the names of schools and colleges from across the country, Best Trade Schools features comprehensive content that’s researched and optimized to highlight your school or program.

Keyword research and competitive analysis provide actionable data targeting potential students. We also look for new opportunities to capture more qualified search traffic and expand your reach. We know what prospective students search for and how to provide the answers they need by driving them to your website with optimized content and SEO best practices.

SEO is the ultimate marketing channel when schools want to attract ambitious students ready to begin their careers. We help pair prospects with the right programs from your institution so you can boost your enrollment.

The Value of a Trade School SEO Audit

First, when we audit your website, we provide you with a complete overview of how well your current site performs in SEO. The audit shows you what to focus on and how you can create qualified traffic to boost your stats quickly. Rather than a basic SEO audit, we use a website-based strategy audit that makes it easier and more efficient to achieve continued growth.

With an SEO audit plan from Clark Optimization, we help you discover whether your site is fully optimized for Google and answer questions like:

  • Are my campus location pages optimized for local search?
  • Do my individual program pages show up for students in every search?
  • What’s working on my site?
  • How does my site compare with competitor sites or similar institutions?
  • What steps can I take to improve my site’s organic traffic?
  • Should I create new content, and what kind?

When prospective students look for a trade school program, they typically have a career in mind or a preferred location. They want to learn more about the schools they can attend, what each program entails, and the job itself. Our SEO Website Strategy Audits are perfect for trade schools because we help students find all this information and more on your site.

Cost of an SEO Audit

The cost of an SEO Website Strategy Audit for a trade school can vary. However, most audits cost $10k. You can contact us for more information about how much we charge for an SEO audit and the value you get from optimizing your website.

What We Provide

Once you sign up for an SEO audit of your trade school website, we provide the following deliverables and documentation to boost your search traffic and show you results:

  • Technical Analysis Spreadsheet: This document includes data from our initial analysis that covers every major section of your site.
  • Keyword Gap Analysis Spreadsheet: We compare the keyword traffic on your site to five other high-ranking competitors to see where you stand.
  • Summary & Strategy Document: This easy-to-understand and comprehensive summary of our findings also includes a step-by-step action plan for what to do next.
  • Personal Guidance: SEO audit is a process, and we want to keep you involved the whole way. We’ll explain our recommendations by phone, email, and hands-on review and show you how to make the most of them.

A Team You Can Trust

Our SEO experts are dedicated to creating more qualified traffic for your trade school. We’re transparent about our pricing and provide a fast turnaround, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. Plus, we’re clear about the kind of work we do, so you can feel confident you’ve chosen the best in SEO with Clark Optimization.