Home Renovation Classes

Whether you are interested in fixing up you own property, or working with a team of renovators, learning the skills to repair remodel and will always be in valuable in real estate world.

Education & Training

The best way to get started is with an online certification program.

What Do You Study?

A typical curriculum for these types of classes might look like this:

Introduction to Home Remodeling

  • Explore the diverse roles in home remodeling
  • Learn the importance of continual learning and market relevance

House Evaluation Essentials

  • Differentiate between preservationists, restorers, remodelers, and renovators
  • Conduct thorough assessments of older homes
  • Identify and resolve common issues in older structures
  • Develop priorities and master plans with clients

Materials, Tools, and Safety

  • Understand the history and uses of various building materials and tools
  • Master the use of fasteners, scaffolds, and ladders
  • Implement essential safety practices

Blueprints, Layouts, and Foundations

  • Read and interpret construction drawings and plans
  • Focus on site preparation, foundation laying, and system installations

Advanced Framing Techniques

  • Analyze different framing methods for floors, walls, and roofs
  • Repair and retrofit older home frames
  • Understand modern and traditional framing practices

Modern Roofing and Finishing

  • Learn about cutting-edge roofing technologies and materials
  • Install exterior and interior finishes, including siding, drywall, and insulation
  • Master the installation of doors and windows

Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical Systems

  • Explore advanced wiring systems and plumbing techniques
  • Design efficient kitchen and bathroom layouts
  • Ensure high standards for fixtures and appliances

Practical Remodeling Projects

  • Plan and execute basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovations
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to hands-on projects

Designing and Building Additions

  • Conduct initial evaluations and customer consultations
  • Execute foundation, framing, and leveling for new additions
  • Integrate new additions seamlessly with existing structures

Finalizing Kitchen Additions

  • Install countertops, kitchen islands, and cabinetry
  • Implement efficient insulation, drywall, and painting techniques
  • Learn the fundamentals of managing a remodeling business

How Much Does It Cost?

The price range for most programs is $900 to $1,400.

How Long Does It Take?

8 to 10 months is the average timeframe to complete the lessons.

What Are The Benefits?

Taking a class in home renovation offers numerous benefits.

Here are some good reasons to study:

  1. Skill Development: Learn essential renovation skills, from basic carpentry and plumbing to advanced electrical work, enabling you to handle a variety of home improvement projects with confidence.
  2. Cost Savings: Gain the ability to perform renovations yourself, saving money on hiring professionals and reducing overall project costs.
  3. Increased Property Value: Enhance the value of your property through quality renovations, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.
  4. Creative Expression: Use your home as a canvas for creative expression, personalizing your living space to reflect your unique style and preferences.
  5. Professional Opportunities: Open doors to new career opportunities in the home renovation and construction industries, whether as a contractor, designer, or project manager.
  6. DIY Confidence: Build confidence in your ability to tackle do-it-yourself projects, empowering you to take on more complex and rewarding tasks.
  7. Safety and Compliance: Learn about safety protocols and building codes, ensuring that your renovation projects are compliant with regulations and safe for occupancy.
  8. Problem-Solving Skills: Develop problem-solving abilities as you learn to address and overcome common challenges encountered during renovation projects.
  9. Sustainable Practices: Gain knowledge about sustainable and eco-friendly renovation practices, helping you make environmentally conscious choices.
  10. Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and gain support from a community of fellow home renovation enthusiasts.
  11. Personal Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction and pride that comes with completing a renovation project and seeing the tangible results of your hard work.

Career Possibilities

In home renovation, some people want to learn these skills in order to do this kind of work for themselves. Others are interested in landing a job with a construction company or renovating business. For those seeking these kinds of jobs, here are some things to consider.

Job Description


Key Responsibilities

  • Renovation and Construction
    • Utilize hand and power tools for demolition and construction tasks.
    • Apply skills in carpentry, drywall, electrical work, flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling, painting, plumbing, pressure washing, windows and doors installation, tiling, and drywall.
  • Project Coordination and Communication
    • Follow detailed instructions and scope of work with a focus on efficiency and cost savings.
    • Coordinate with the Renovation Team Lead to determine scopes and scheduling.
    • Communicate inspection requests, analyze quotes, and ensure accuracy before submitting for approval.
    • Regularly update and report progress on all work orders, timesheets, and performance using technology.
  • Inspection and Quality Control
    • Inspect inventory homes within the region for readiness and identify necessary repairs.
    • Create scopes of work and estimate costs for repairs.
    • Conduct regular physical examinations of inventory and renovation work.
    • Research and select building materials for quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Safety and Compliance
    • Attend regular safety training and uphold high standards for workplace safety.
    • Ensure compliance with all safety standards and processes.
    • Perform all repairs and replacements to code.
  • Administrative Tasks
    • Compile weekly inventory reports, task assignments, and purchase card reconciliations.
    • Configure and input property characteristics into a scoping application.
    • Upload estimates and photos into the database and track status.
    • Review and code invoices, and submit for approval.
    • Assist with assigning tasks to construction PMs and scheduling scopes-of-work with vendors.
    • Ensure timely and accurate input of budgets, completion dates, and other information into relevant systems.
    • Assist in creating and distributing periodic reports.
  • Customer Interaction
    • Effectively communicate with clients to troubleshoot, diagnose, and explain problems and options.
    • Perform thorough inspections and communicate findings to clients.
    • Manage invoicing, debrief processes, and collect payments.
    • Communicate the benefits of club memberships to clients.


  • Proficient in various renovation trades.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Comfortable with technology for tracking and reporting.
  • Ability to climb ladders and work in confined spaces.
  • Professional, dependable, and detail-oriented.
  • Own tools and have reliable transportation (preferred).
  • Experience working as an independent contractor (1099 status).

Additional Responsibilities

  • Monitor acquisition reports and update scoping applications.
  • Assist with vendor onboarding and ensure all required documents are completed.
  • Participate in other renovation management activities as assigned.