Trade School Programs

Animal Care

Discover a fulfilling career path that combines your passion for animals with professional expertise.  Whether you’re looking to start your journey or advance in the field, find the right educational path that aligns with your career goals and helps you make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals.


Train for an automotive career to learn how to service cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Many pursue this line of work, not only to make money, but also to know how to repair their own vehicles in times of need. Those who love manual labor and problem solving often enjoy automotive careers.


Aviation jobs offer exciting potential both on the ground and in the air. Those in this field can find positions with airports, commercial airlines, governments, or manufacturers. To achieve success, these associates must work closely alongside team members while adhering to strict guidelines.


The world of business offers plenty of opportunities for motivated people. Here, you can explore programs that teach students how to excel in this fast-paced corporate world. Successful workers have many marketable skills like math, problem-solving, strong leadership, and organization. With the wide variety of roles to fill in the business world, there are positions for every personality.


As technology progresses, computer and information technology job opportunities increase. Students with an interest in math can pursue a career in software development or programming. Those who enjoy more hands-on work find success in IT support and networking. Attention to detail and a strong desire to learn are essential for a position in this growing field.


Construction and architecture trades offer several opportunities for detail-oriented, hardworking students. Those who excel at math and have a creative eye succeed in machinist and welding programs. Students who prefer a hands-on learning experience can excel in these careers. Workers in this growing field can expect to earn $40K or more annually.


Cosmetology professionals work one-on-one with clients to make them look their best. Employees often secure jobs as hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians, makeup artists, or salon managers. Careers in this field focus heavily on customer service, making them perfect for positive and outgoing individuals.

Criminal Justice and Law

Careers in Criminal Justice and Law involve working to ensure justice is served. The legal process encompasses a wide field of disciplines, so careers can involve any part of the practice. Courses of study include paralegal, private investigator, and the more general criminal justice.


Students who aspire to be pastry chefs or cooks find several opportunities in culinary arts programs. For the business-savvy foodie, a career in Restaurant Management may prove an exciting option. These trades offer hands-on learning experiences for those looking to perfect their craft. Depending on their skill level, bakers typically make an average of $46k annually, while restaurant managers can earn upwards of $60k.


Capable and reliable workers often succeed in diving programs. Courses prepare students for jobs in rescue, scuba instruction, and underwater photography. Physical fitness and good communication skills are crucial for most positions. Diving careers offer exciting opportunities in a field unlike any other.

Arts & Design

For those with an active imagination and a strong desire to create, a career in graphics, design, or art may be a perfect fit. Students can explore the digital world with video game programming or computer animation. Degrees in music or film offer training for people who enjoy performing. With the growing need for talented artists, graduates from these programs remain in-demand.


Professions in the healthcare field are always in-demand. People holding these jobs may work in hospitals, private practices, or clinics across the country. Students can train as nurses, paramedics, dental assistants, and much more. Detail-oriented individuals with a passion for helping people in need best fill these roles.



Social Services

For those who enjoy assisting others, a job in social services may be the perfect choice. Students can pursue careers in counseling to help patients cope with substance abuse, grief, relationships, or mental health. Mortuary science is another option for people who want to provide a vital social service to the community.

Real Estate

Skilled Trades

There’s a shortage of skilled workers in today’s economy, meaning that competition for jobs is lower when compared to many other fields. On top of that, according to historical data, trade jobs are some of the best paying in the U.S. and require less than four years of training. Definitively, learning a skilled trade could be an excellent choice for anyone looking to become a master at their craft and make good money doing it.


Trucking and Transportation

In recent years, the need for skilled trucking and transportation jobs has increased. Students interested in driving tractor-trailers or passenger buses may excel with a CDL. For those who enjoy learning about heavy machinery like dump trucks, boats, and cranes, a career in diesel or marine technology is the way to go.

Veterinary Services

Turn your love of animals into a career with a degree in veterinary services. Learn how to perform lab tests, administer medications and assist with surgeries that keep pets happy and healthy. Those with patience, attention to detail, basic clinical skills and an understanding of animal behavior can often enjoy successful careers working in animal hospitals and private clinics.


Do you like helping others stay active and fit? A career in Wellness may be for you. Successful students often excel in courses such as anatomy and biology, enjoy hands-on learning environments, and have top-notch people skills. Those interested in Physical Therapists make approximately $71k a year.