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Overview of Business Programs

Those interested in entering the corporate world should consider studying business. Explore fields of study like administrative assisting or human resources. The variety of jobs makes this industry an ideal choice for most personality types. It’s important to weigh all career options when choosing the best business schools.

Business Requirements

Degrees in fields like business administration or marketing are great for students with little to no experience. Most programs require a high school diploma or GED. Some schools need applicants to take placement tests. Those with retail experience are also solid candidates.

Business Career Outlook

The best business schools cover multiple parts of the industry. These may include marketing, international relations, and sales. Classes focus on specific positions, like business management or accounting. This approach prepares graduates for many career paths.

Degree holders have excellent earning potential. People in accounting earn between $45k to $70k per year. Entry-level salaries in digital marketing start around $34k and can rise to $79k. Those in business administration average about $55k annually.

Further advancement is available to business students who pursue MBAs or other graduate programs. Grad Prep offers resources related to grad school admissions and entrance exams to help you get into the program you want.

Common Tasks

Accountants must report the financial activities of their company. This consists of completing complex tax forms, managing profits, and payroll duties. Though it may seem similar, finance focuses more on making budgets and investments.

On the other side, marketing professionals determine pricing, optimal locations, and advertising for products. Business management keep things running smoothly. They develop strategies and guide companies toward success.

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