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Overview of Computer and Information Technology Programs

Degrees in computer and information technology call for a diverse set of skills. Because of this, programs specialize in specific roles. Those who would like to use computers to solve problems can pursue careers in computer programming or software development. Artistic or mechanical candidates should consider a path in CAD.

Computer and Information Technology Requirements

Many jobs in computer and information technology require a Bachelor’s degree. However, trades such as computer systems technician or networking may only need an Associate’s degree or apprenticeship. Some positions also prefer applicants with experience.

Computer and Information Technology Career Outlook

Computer and information technology is a large field and grows every day. As the industry advances, so do opportunities. Whether it’s computer security, game programming, or computer-aided drafting and design, just about any company can make use of those with training.

Common Tasks

Day-to-day responsibilities vary based on the profession. Networking professionals ensure that computers stay online and in communication with one another. Computer programmers write code while workers in computer aided drafting and Design use software to create models and design prototypes for practical applications.

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