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Overview of Graphics, Design, and Arts Programs

Graphic design schools teach courses related to art and its applications. As such, programs include a variety of disciplines. Those interested in working in the entertainment industry can pursue graphic design classes in computer animation or game design.

Graphics, Design, and Arts Requirements

Many careers require a Bachelor’s in related graphic design programs. Some employers also look for the kinds of practical experience in the field obtained through graphic design trade schools. This hands-on knowledge helps candidates to stand out in many jobs, and provides students with a diverse portfolio to display.

Graphics, Design, and Arts Career Outlook

Graduates of graphic design schools can look forward to a diverse range of careers. Many opportunities exist in marketing, where artists work on graphics for company logos and ad campaigns. Film production relies more than ever on professional graphic designers to make ground-breaking special effects.

Common Tasks

In most careers, workers use the latest technologies to create computer-generated images and animation. Many positions involve collaborating with others, or working on a small part of a larger project. Workers in these roles make assets for advertisements while colleagues work on animations and various aspects of the craft.

Trade Schools with Graphics, Design, and Arts Programs

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