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welders and machinists

National Skilled Trades Day

National Skilled Trades Day honors the expertise and hard work of skilled tradespeople, recognizing their vital role in building and maintaining communities.
travel agent helping someone with a vacation

Why Become a Travel Agent?

Unlock the world of travel as a travel agent. From exclusive deals to flexible schedules, discover the perks of this rewarding career path today.
trades that you can do from home

Trades That You Can Do From Home

Explore 10 home-based trades for a flexible career from Travel Agent to Cyber Security. Discover the potential for remote work and rewarding income in these diverse fields.

Pursuing an Accelerated Degree Program

An intro to accelerated degree programs, explaining their potential benefits such as saving time and money, and how they can enhance career prospects.
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School Admissions & Stealth Applicants

The rise of "stealth applicants" who apply to college online without demonstrating traditional interest has led admissions offices to struggle with predicting enrollment rates, potentially prompting changes in admissions formulas and financial aid allocation.
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Women in the Trades

Explore the world of trade careers for women, where financial independence, creative fulfillment, and job stability await. From affordable education to diverse job options, discover the empowering journey to a prosperous future in the trades.
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Trades for People with Learning Disabilities

Discover how trade schools are empowering individuals with learning disabilities through tailored programs and supportive environments. Explore career opportunities, success stories, and factors to consider when choosing the right trade school for your unique journey.
older worker

Best Trades for Older Workers

Discover fulfilling trades for retirement: explore new career paths for older workers - Find the perfect fit for your experience and interests. Learn more!
trades for introverts

The Perfect Trades for Introverts

Discover introvert-friendly careers: explore trades where your unique strengths can shine. Find the perfect fit for your personality.