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Dental Assistant

Becoming a dental assistant offers an engaging entry point into the healthcare sector, providing hands-on support to dentists and a direct impact on patient care.

The career outlook is promising, with strong job growth projected due to increased demand for dental services. This field not only offers stable employment opportunities but also a pathway for professional advancement and specialization within dental care.

EKG Tech

A career as an EKG Technician allows you to play a critical role in patient care by specializing in electrocardiogram (EKG) testing for heart conditions.

The demand for EKG Techs is growing, driven by the increasing emphasis on preventive care. This field not only offers a chance to contribute significantly to patient health and wellbeing but also promises job stability and opportunities for advancement within cardiovascular care and diagnostic testing.


EMTs are the frontline of emergency medical services, providing crucial care in critical moments. The field is known for its fast-paced environment, where each day brings new challenges and the opportunity to save lives.

With a growing demand for emergency services, EMTs enjoy a positive job outlook, with many paths for advancement into higher medical roles.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Manager improve healthcare systems, focusing on making them more efficient and effective. This field offers the chance to make a significant impact on patient care quality and accessibility.

Skilled managers in any field are always in demand, and this position offers high earning potential and advancement. It’s an ideal path for those passionate about combining healthcare knowledge with leadership and organizational skills.

Hemodialysis Technician

Becoming a Hemodialysis Tech positions you in a specialized role, crucial for patients requiring dialysis treatment. This career offers a blend of technical skill and patient care, with a strong job outlook due to the increasing need for dialysis.

Hemo Techs play a vital role in the treatment of kidney disease, providing essential support to a growing patient population. It’s a rewarding path for those committed to improving patient health and well-being in a critical care setting.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides support individuals in their homes, offering personalized care and assistance. This role is needed for the aging population and those with disabilities, ensuring they live comfortably and with dignity.

The demand for compassionate and skilled aides is on the rise, reflecting the growing preference for in-home care services. This path not only promises job security but also offers a deeply fulfilling experience by making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants serve as a vital link between patients and physicians. This role is increasingly in demand due to the expanding healthcare industry, promising a stable career with diverse job opportunities in various medical environments.

It provides a fulfilling path for those interested in contributing to patient care and healthcare efficiency, with ample room for professional growth and specialization.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding is essential for the healthcare industry’s operation.  These workers translate medical procedures into standardized codes for billing and insurance purposes. This specialized career offers stability and growth potential, without direct patient care duties.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Lab Techs conduct essential tests that inform diagnosis and treatment decisions. This career offers a unique blend of science and medicine in a lab setting, with a strong outlook due to the growing reliance on complex medical diagnostics.

It’s an excellent choice for those interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of medical care.

Medical Records Technician

Medical Records Technicians manage patient data crucial for accurate treatment and healthcare planning.  This role demands attention to detail and proficiency in information systems, offering a stable career path amidst the growing digitization of medical records.

With healthcare providers focusing more on data analysis and electronic records, the demand for skilled technicians is rising.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptionists allows play a critical role in documentation, converting voice-recorded reports dictated by physicians into text format.

This field offers the flexibility of working in various settings or from home, catering to those seeking a balance between work and personal life. There is always a steady demand for skilled transcriptionists to ensure accurate medical records.


A nursing career offers the chance to make a profound impact on patients’ lives through care, advocacy, and education. This profession not only provides a stable and in-demand career path but also allows for specialization in numerous fields, reflecting personal interests and societal needs.

Nurses play a critical role, contributing to patient care plans, and health outcomes, making it a personally rewarding field.


An optician specializes in eye care, focusing on fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses for patients based on prescriptions from optometrists and ophthalmologists.

This profession combines technical precision with personalized customer service, ensuring patients’ visual needs and comfort are met. With a growing awareness of eye health and an aging population, the demand for opticians is on the rise, offering a stable career with potential for growth in retail, healthcare settings, or private practice.

Optical Technician

Optical Techs create and repair eyeglasses and contact lenses, blending technical skill with precision craftsmanship. This role is essential to the eye care industry, offering a unique combination of hands-on technical work and patient interaction. With a growing focus on eye health and an aging population, the demand for optical technicians is increasing in optical labs, retail settings, and ophthalmology clinics.

Public Health

Studying Public Health equips you to address issues at community and global levels whether through research, policy, or health promotion. You can make an impact on community health and safety outcomes through prevention programs, policy development, and education.

Graduates can find roles in government agencies, non-profits, and international organizations that seek to create meaningful change in scoiety

Patient Access Representative

A Patient Access Rep serves as the initial point of contact in healthcare settings, guiding patients through the system by handling admissions, registration, and billing inquiries.

This role is crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for patients and their families, highlighting the importance of strong communication and organizational skills. The demand for skilled Patient Access Representatives is growing.

Patient Care Tech

A PCT provides support to nurses by assisting patients with their daily needs. The job outlook is good, driven by the growing needs of an aging population.

PCTs gain valuable experience in patient care, making it an ideal starting point for furthering a career in nursing or other healthcare professions.

Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy Techs work at the intersection of healthcare and customer service, as they manage and dispense medications to patients. This field provides a fast track into the healthcare sector with comprehensive on-the-job training and certification options.

Pharmacy Techs work in a variety of settings, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. There are also opportunities for advancement and specialization in areas such as medication therapy management and pharmacology.


Phlebotomists specialize in drawing blood for tests, transfusions, research, or blood donations. This field provides a pathway into healthcare with a quick entry into the workforce.

Phlebotomists can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, diagnostic labs, and blood donation centers, with opportunities for career growth and specialization.

Physician Assistant

As a PA you will be working closely with physicians to diagnose and treat patients. This rapidly growing profession provides a rewarding path with significant autonomy in patient care, along with a strong job outlook.

PAs enjoy diverse opportunities across specialties, from family medicine to surgery, offering a dynamic and fulfilling career with the potential for a high level of patient interaction and impact.

Radiology Tech

Radiology Techs specialize in diagnostic imaging which provide images used for patient diagnosis. This field combines patient care with technological expertise. It offers a stable career with strong demand driven by advancements in medical imaging technology. Radiology Techs enjoy diverse workplace settings, from hospitals to clinics, with opportunities for advancement into specialized imaging areas.

Respiratory Therapist

Specializing in patient respiratory care, a Respiratory Therapist helps patients with breathing or cardiopulmonary disorders.

This profession not only provides the satisfaction of directly improving patients’ quality of life but also promises a strong job outlook, driven by an aging population and increasing respiratory conditions such as COPD. Respiratory Therapists work in varied healthcare settings, offering dynamic career opportunities with the potential for advancement in clinical practice, management, and education.

Sterile Processing Technician

A career as a Sterile Processing Tech your duties focus on sterilizing and preparing medical equipment for surgeries and other procedures. This position is vital for patient safety and the smooth functioning of medical facilities. With the healthcare sector’s growth, there’s a strong demand for these technicians, ensuring a stable and rewarding career path with opportunities for advancement in various healthcare settings.

Surgical Tech

Becoming a Surgical Tech offers the opportunity to play a crucial role in operating rooms, assisting in surgeries by preparing operating rooms, arranging equipment, and helping doctors during procedures.

This career is essential for the smooth operation of surgical procedures, offering a fast-paced work environment and the satisfaction of making a significant impact on patient care. With the healthcare industry’s continuous growth, Surgical Techs face a promising job outlook, with increasing demand in hospitals and surgical centers, providing a stable and rewarding career path with opportunities for advancement.

Overview of Healthcare  Programs

The wide range of careers in the healthcare and nursing fields make them a great fit for many people. Individuals who enjoy working with the public become ideal candidates for jobs like medical assisting or phlebotomist. Those more comfortable behind the scenes excel in imaging sciences or laboratory technology.

Pursuing a career in Healthcare Administration teaches organization and leadership skills. Those who excel at accounting may wish to pursue roles in medical billing and coding. Health information technology careers involve taking down and maintaining patient records. Healthcare management careers can cover general operations or specialized department jobs with a more focused scope.

Healthcare Requirements

Prerequisites can vary depending on the program. However, schools generally expect applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. Most institutions also have a GPA minimum requirement between 2.5 and 3.0. Past experience with volunteering in hospitals or clinics is also a plus, though not necessary.

Students may pursue bachelor’s degrees in healthcare administration, but many hiring managers look for master’s or above. Those who advance to the doctorate level can expect more advanced opportunities and complex responsibilities.

Career Outlook

A job in healthcare can be both fulfilling and lucrative. RNs typically earn between $41k to $70k per year. Ultrasound technicians make anywhere from $46k to $79k annually.

Whether in hospitals, nursing homes, or other medical facilities, the need for healthcare administration professionals continues to grow. Because of this, the field offers a wide range of opportunities for these employees at locations across the country.

Common Tasks

The daily duties for nurses varies greatly by department and location. These workers provide care, clean and dress wounds, take vitals, and complete forms. Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics, on the other hand, respond to emergency calls. They assist the injured or sick and assess the condition of patients.

Less hands-on positions are also available. Radiologists, for example, examine x-rays and MRI scans to determine a diagnosis, while radiology technicians actually collect the images. Allied health providers work to support the team through a variety of services, while surgical technologists prepare operating rooms and equipment, as well as help doctors.

Specific duties will vary based on the place of employment. Decision making and resource allocation make up a bulk of the career’s required tasks. From record-keeping to hiring personnel, workers will need to keep up with the day-to-day operations of facilities and keep things running smoothly.