Trucking and Transportation Programs


Diesel Technology

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Overview of Trucking and Transportation Programs

As the need for hauling goods increases, the trucking and transportation field continues to offer many opportunities for hard-working and detail-oriented individuals. For those looking to learn the ins and outs of fixing heavy machinery, a career in diesel technology is the way to go. Trucking programs such as CDL are ideal for those who enjoy driving long distances.

Trucking and Transportation Requirements

While a bachelor’s degree is not necessary for most trucking jobs, those interested should get at least an associate’s degree or certificate. After graduating from transportation programs, students may need to take a series of state tests before finding work.

Trucking and Transportation Career Outlook

The need for trucking and transportation has continued to grow in recent years as shipping and logistics facilities expand throughout the world. Transportation jobs such as CDL drivers earn an annual average of $38k or more, while marine service engineers and technologists can make up to $80k in some areas.

Common Tasks

Responsibilities vary based on each position. CDL drivers and other transportation jobs will find themselves traveling across the country while carrying large loads of products. Those who enter trucking programs like diesel and marine techs work to repair and maintain equipment on commercial vehicles and boats.