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Overview of Building Programs

For those who prefer to work with their hands and possess strong problem-solving skills, architecture and construction jobs are a solid choice. These fields range from planning roles, like drawing up blueprints, to skilled labor, like masonry or plumbing. This industry continues to grow and calls for a variety of abilities.


The prerequisites vary depending on the field. Most applicants need to have a high school diploma or GED to begin their education. Welders and machinists can enter an apprenticeship or get vocational training in Associate’s programs. Architecture jobs require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Career Outlook

With the constant need for new buildings and the renovation of old ones, these positions are always in-demand. Construction jobs typically earn a salary of $27k annually. Employees who specialize in welding start at $26k per year, but rates can go up to $51k. The base pay for machinists averages around $40k with room for raises.

Common Tasks

A construction worker must be able to lift and carry heavy objects, as well as assist craftsmen like carpenters or carpet layers. Careers like welding must properly use protective gear and operate dangerous machinery. Architect work involves careful calculations of measurements, consideration of safety standards, and drafting detailed building plans.

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