Veterinary Programs

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Overview of Veterinary Services Programs

With a career in veterinary services, you can make a positive impact on the lives of animals and those that care for them. This fulfilling occupation involves caring for all kinds of animals in different environments. Train as a vet assistant to work directly with animals during routine well visits, or consider a veterinary tech position to care for injuries or diagnose illnesses in pets or exotic animals.


To work in the veterinary field, prospects need at least a high school diploma.

Veterinary assistants have few educational requirements beyond that. They primarily learn the job through on-site training and internships.

A vet tech spends about two years completing an associate degree at a technical school. Afterward, they must take an exam to become registered, licensed and certified.

Career Outlook

With a high job growth rate and constant need for animal caretakers, veterinary services offer many work opportunities. Veterinary jobs exist all over the United States, so candidates can find work nationwide.

Vet techs earn an average hourly wage of $17 while veterinary assistants make closer to $14 an hour.

Both occupations work together at research labs, clinics and animal hospitals.

Common Tasks

Veterinary assistants work under the supervision of a veterinarian. They ensure overall care for animals during well visits by bathing, feeding and exercising them plus keeping exam rooms and tools clean. Vet techs have a license to handle other aspects of care. Some tasks include performing x-rays, taking blood samples, giving vaccines and prepping animals for surgery.

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