How to Become a Freight Broker in Georgia


The logistics and transportation industry is vast and continually growing.  You can benefit by becoming an independent freight broker.

Education & Training

These workers need to have a strong understanding of the trucking industry and have the proper education and training to succeed.

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Why Should You Take This Course?

You will benefit by gaining industry insight, and discover how to build a successful brokerage on your own. This knowledge is particularly beneficial for those who are new or have limited experience.

Course grads will be included in an online event where current brokers present business opportunities with their agencies.

What Will You Study?

  • What is the freight broker industry?
  • How does a broker get started?
  • How will a broker business become successful?
  • What is the relationship between shippers and carriers?
  • What kind of software should you use?
  • What are all the different freight markets?
  • Wha are the important laws the effect brokers?
  • How do you create a contract between a carrier and shipper?
  • Insurance
  • How to do accounting for your new business
  • How do you quote opportunities?
  • How should you market, sell and negotiate?

How Long is the Course?

Anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on quickly you complete the 100 course hours.

How Much Does it Cost?

Approximately $1,900.  Monthly financing is available as you can see from the table below.

monthly payment options

review from student

Georgia Freight Broker Requirements

The following are requirements to earn a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a freight broker.

FMCA logo

While these are not required by the state of Georgia, the following mandates come from the federal level.

License Requirements

  • Provide evidence that your business is correctly registered
  • Apply for a USDOT number from the Department of Transportation
  • Get a $75,000 freight broker bond
  • Appoint a registered process agent in the states you wish to operate in
  • Pay a $300 fee

Once the license processing begins, it will take approximately four to six weeks to complete.

Those who want to expand their knowledge might consider getting a Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) certification.

Salary Range

Freight brokers in Georgia can earn a good living.

According to Indeed, the average base salary for the state is $62,227, while ZipRecruiter puts the number at $56,377.

Below are some regional data from ZipRecruiter:

  • Alpharetta: $70,643
  • Macon: $69,803
  • Sandy Springs: $68,762
  • Atlanta: $64,211
  • Warner Robins: $63,145

Job Description

These workers communicate with shipping and carrier companies to make sure packages and shipments reach their destinations on schedule. When there is a need for truck drivers or transportation specialists to move a shipment, a freight broker works to find drivers who can make this happen within the necessary time frame.

Hours Worked

Freight brokers often set their own hours. Many freight brokers can work from home and often manage their work and life schedules around the needs of shipping and carrier schedules.

What Do They Do?

Some responsibilities of a freight broker are:

  • Generating leads and attracting new prospects
  • Identifying reputable carriers for freight services
  • Giving shipping quotes to customers
  • Booking orders with carriers
  • Tracking the status of loads
  • Working with shippers, carriers, and dispatchers to make collections and drop-offs
  • Maintaining accurate records of activities
  • Updating customers on status of shipments
  • Have knowledge of current market trends

Career Outlook

Georgia residents eager to become freight brokers are in luck. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, experts predict that this profession will grow approximately eight percent from 2021-2031. This will mean thousands of new freight broker jobs in Georgia for individuals who are qualified.

Search Freight Broker/Agent Training Programs

Get information on Freight Broker/Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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