ACI Medical & Dental School

What is ACI Medical & Dental School known for?

Recognized as a leading vocational school, ACI Medical & Dental School is celebrated for its strong commitment to providing quality education and robust training in the medical and dental fields. The school stands proud as a for-profit institution, offering an array of carefully curated courses, which include:

  • Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy
  • EKG (Electrocardiogram)
  • PCT (Patient Care Technician)
  • Dental Assistant with Dental Radiology

ACI’s performance is also reflected in its impressive graduation statistics, boasting a 96% pass rate on National Credential Exams and a remarkable 94% employment rate. Even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the school recorded a robust 60% graduation rate.

ACI prioritizes hands-on training to ensure that students gain practical experience and proficiency. The school features state-of-the-art , fully equipped facilities for immersive learning. To enhance the learning experience, small class sizes with individual workstations are maintained.

Is ACI Medical & Dental School legit?

Yes, ACI Medical & Dental School is a recognized and legitimate educational institution. It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), an esteemed regulatory body that ensures the school adheres to high-quality educational and ethical standards.  ACI  also has approvals from the New Jersey State Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Labor.

This status should give confidence to students investing their futures in ACI’s programs.

How much does Tuition cost?

The cost of enrolling in ACI Medical & Dental School programs varies depending on the chosen course. Offering career-focused healthcare courses at a fraction of a four-year degree’s price, ACI maintains a transparent approach to discussing tuition fees. To learn more about the costs associated with a specific program, contact ACI to schedule a meeting and determine the right course and its associated expenses.

Programs & Courses

Medical Assistant

  • NHA Certification
  • Includes Phlebotomy, EKG, and Patient Care Tech certifications

Dental Assistant

  • DANB Certification
  • Dental Radiology Licensing

Administrative Assistant

  • Dental Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Administrative Assistant

Campus Locations

Eatontown 215 Broad Street Eatontown, NJ 07724

Financial Aid Services

ACI Medical & Dental School staff will help students apply for Title IV programs and FAFSA.

Career Services

The school has a special department called the Career Assistance Program (CAP) that works with student on a weekly basis.  Help and education is provided for resumes, job hunting, networking and interviews. CAP is committed to helping graduates throughout their entire career.

Veteran and Military Services

All programs in the school are approved for VA benefits.