ETI School of Skilled Trades

ETI School of Skilled Trades was established by the owners of a prominent Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration contracting company in the Chicago Land area, which has been delivering professional services since 1973. The school’s primary objective is to meet the growing demands of the HVAC/R industry. Drawing on their direct industry affiliation and experience, ETI has built a strong foundation of knowledge and a clear vision of the training requirements for producing skilled HVAC/R technicians.

To develop its comprehensive curriculum, ETI collaborated with experts in the HVAC/R industry, who provided valuable input to ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skill sets required for entry-level technician positions. The curriculum undergoes continuous evaluation to reflect current industry practices and provide the most up-to-date instruction possible.

At ETI School of Skilled Trades, the principle of total preparation is emphasized. In addition to providing the essential knowledge and skills, the school fosters opportunities for personal and professional development, equipping students with the tools necessary for their continued growth and advancement in their careers.

The Welding Technology program at ETI focuses on hands-on training using welding equipment commonly found in relevant industries. Students gain proficiency in various weld processes and acquire a solid foundation in welding techniques through classroom and lab experiences. This prepares them with the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to pursue their desired career paths in welding.

The Skilled Welder program covers essential skills such as striking an arc, producing acceptable weld beads, and mastering various joint designs and weld positions. Students also learn about equipment operation, settings for different processes, and the technical aspects of sound welding and interpreting related data.

Within a short timeframe of less than a year, students at ETI School of Skilled Trades can acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to thrive as HVAC/R Technicians or Skilled Welders. The school’s programs, developed in partnership with NCCER, benefit from the expertise of professionals in the HVAC/R and Welding Industries who provide ongoing input on curriculum updates and improvements. Regular meetings with industry professionals ensure that the school stays abreast of the latest industry developments.

In the HVAC/R program, students gain proficiency in using diagnostic meters, understanding basic circuitry, reading and creating electrical schematics, as well as installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Programs & Courses

Skilled Trades

  • HVAC/R
  • Welding

Campus Locations

Chicago 500 Joliet Rd Suite #100 Willowbrook IL 60527

Financial Aid Services

Typical federal grants and loans can be used to subsidize an ETI eduction (FAFSA, PLUS, Pell etc.)

Career Services

During their time at ETI (Educational Training Institute), students receive comprehensive support from the Career Services Department to ensure their preparedness for the professional world. The department offers valuable guidance and resources in various aspects of career development, including resume preparation, employment search strategies, interview techniques, and employer weld test readiness. For welding graduates, on-campus employer recruitment testing is provided. The department also facilitates ongoing placement services for alumni, utilizing an employer-graduate match process to connect graduates with suitable job opportunities. Additionally, ETI welcomes graduates in good standing to return for skill enhancement and refresher courses. The dedicated Career Services Department is committed to assisting students and forging connections with employers to help them embark on their desired careers.

ETI boasts that graduates have been hired by companies such as Sears, Lennox, and Johnson Controls.

Veteran and Military Services

With over 40 years of experience, ETI (Educational Training Institute) possesses a deep understanding of the unique needs of military students. Notably, the institution consistently welcomes a significant portion, approximately 15%, of veterans and dependents of reservists, active duty, and veterans within our student population. ETI is approved for Veterans Education Benefits.