International Business College

What is It Known For?

The International Business College is a revered vocational school nestled in the heart of Indianapolis. As a proud for-profit trade school, it is globally recognized for its enterprising educational approach.

Aiming to provide practical learning from day one, the College ensures students engage in classes closely tied to their study area. This approach is bolstered by the fact that programs at the International Business College wrap up in 18 months or less. This swift cycle boosts graduation rates significantly.

IBC provides the following programs:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Veterinary Technology

What differentiates the International Business College is its intimate learning environment. Small class sizes cultivate an atmosphere for personalized attention and student-instructor engagement.

The college isn’t content with just providing mere technical skills to its students. Their overarching goal is to equip every student with a range of professional and business skills that pave the way for promising career opportunities in the future.

Is International Business College Legit?

Yes, the International Business College is legit. It has the following accreditations:

How Much is Tuition?

The tuition at International Business College varies depending on the chosen program. The total estimated cost for the Medical Assistant program is approximately $34,833, while for the Veterinary Technology program, it is around $38,066.

These costs include tuition, fees, books, and other charges. For more information regarding tuition, we advise you to contact the school directly.

Programs & Courses


  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant

Computer and Information Technology

Criminal Justice and Law

  • Paralegal

Healthcare Administration and Services

Healthcare and Nursing

Veterinary Services

Campus Locations

IBC Main Campus 7205 Shadeland Station Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

Financial Aid Services

IBC accepts several financial aid plans including Pell grants and Stafford loans. The first step applicants should take is filling out the FAFSA. Afterward, students work with a faculty member to determine if they’re eligible for assistance. Those interested must meet certain criteria in order to qualify.

Student Services

International Business College has resources to give learners the support they need. Academic advising professionals can provide information about resources on and off campus. The education department can also arrange for extra help for those with disabilities if necessary.

Career Services

Career guidance is available at IBC to get students ready for the workforce. Individuals can attend seminars on job interviews, resumes and cover letters, as well as career development. Advisors can help contact employers and prepare documents like transcripts. These placement services are also available to alumni.