What Is It Known For?

McKissock is a for-profit institution known for being part of a prominent group of brands that maximize career potential for licensed professionals. It began its journey in 1990, setting a new standard in appraisal education.

Today, this for-profit institution offers a broad spectrum of educational offerings and professional growth opportunities to real estate agents, property appraisers, home inspectors, land surveyors, and engineers through its nationally accredited courses.

Who Owns It?

McKissock Investment Holdings LLC, which operates as Colibri, is currently under the ownership of Gridiron Capital. The educational institution was initially established by Richard McKissock and his son Matt McKissock in 1990.

The leadership of the company is in the hands of Matt McKissock, who serves as the CEO.


McKissock offers more than just real estate continuing education. It also has courses for appraisers, home inspectors, land surveyors, and engineers.

All McKissock real estate courses are designed for self-paced learning. They come with electronic textbooks, support from customer service, and 24/7 course access. Students can also reach out to instructors by email to help with their studies.

For those preparing for tests, McKissock provides practice exams that feel like the real exam for some courses. There are also live cram sessions led by expert instructors to get you ready for the national exam.

Class Schedules

All classes at McKissock are offered online in a self-paced format. However, depending on the state, options for live stream classes or paper correspondence might also be available. You have the flexibility to access online classes at any time, including weeknights and weekends.

Please note, that their programs are focused on coursework, and the school does not offer externships.

Is It Legit?

Yes. McKissock Learning is a legitimate institution that is accredited by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). It is also approved for continuing education courses by the real estate commission in every U.S. state.

Acceptance Rate

There is no mention of the school’s acceptance rate.

How Much Does Tuition Cost?

The cost of real estate courses at McKissock Learning differs based on your location, the selected plan, and the type of educational course you choose.

You can buy individual continuing education courses starting at just $19.95, or choose a package deal that covers all the requirements for your state in a single purchase.

Programs & Courses

Real Estate

  • Home Inspection
  • Property Appraisal
  • Land Surveryor
  • Real Estate Agent