Northwest Career College

What is Northwest Career College Known For?

Northwest Career College is known for helping people find a career path in healthcare, especially those trying to determine what field to specialize in. It only enrolls residents of the state of Nevada, so it is very focused on the local community and job market.

Some classes are held on campus while others might administered remotely.  For example, the Medical Billing and Coding program is specifically designed to prepare graduates for a rewarding career in medical billing, even if they have limited or no prior experience in the medical field. The program utilizes a combination of blended or fully distance education for individual didactic courses. Students will benefit from online lectures as well as hands-on experience, which can be conducted through web cameras or in a traditional classroom setting. To provide practical training, an externship component is included, allowing students to gain real-world experience at a medical practice or medical billing facility.

There are labs for dental, massage, medical, pharmacy and more.

Is it Legit?

Yes, the school has been around since 1997.  It is Title IV approved by the US Department of Education. It is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

Thousands of students have graduated from the college. Upon successfully completing the program requirements, students receive a certificate or diploma depending on what they chose to study.  These qualifications prepare them for entry-level positions in medical practices or medical billing facilities.

There are some requirements for admission such as completion of high school or equivalent, background check and typically a minimum age of 18.

Cost Per Year

Like any school, tuition varies based on the course selection.  Certificate programs such as phlebotomy tech and dental admin might cost about $4,000 per term.  Diploma programs will range around $16,000 per term and associate degrees might be as much as $27,000 per term.  Based on the success of its graduates, the price of this education is likely worth it.

School Hours

While hours can be changed at anytime, day classes are likely to be from 9 am to 1 pm and night classes from 6 pm to 10 pm.  Campus hours and employee success centers typically are open from 8AM to 10PM Monday through Thursday and 9AM to 4Pm on Fridays.

School Catalog

A recent copy of the course catalog can be found here.

Programs & Courses


  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Administrative Assistant
  • Healthcare Admin
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing And Coding
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Radiography


  • Business Administration
  • IT


  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal Studies

Campus Locations

Las Vegas 7398 Smoke Ranch Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Henderson 1776 Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Financial Aid Services

Unlike some schools which simply help prospects apply for federal aid, NCC has an amazing amount of proprietary scholarships.  Thousands of dollars in student aid through various scholarships are available.  Individuals can also apply for more than one scholarship from the school.

Career Services

Students currently enrolled at Northwest Career College have access to valuable career advising services. The career advising process begins around the midpoint of a student’s program and focuses on fostering professional development. It includes various activities such as resume writing, interview practice, discussions about career prospects, preparation for externships (if applicable), and assistance with licensure preparation (if applicable). Active participation in the career advising process is required to remain eligible for continued assistance.

Upon meeting all programmatic and institutional graduation requirements, eligible graduates gain access to career placement assistance. However, this service is not available to currently attending students. It’s important to note that while every effort will be made to support graduates in finding employment after program completion, career placement assistance provided by Northwest Career College does not guarantee employment.

The career placement assistance process begins once a graduate completes their program of study. Career Services Advisors proactively reach out to graduates seeking employment on a weekly basis, either via phone or email, to offer career placement assistance services.

Veteran and Military Services

VA Education Benefits can be used to pay for the cost of classes.