Northwest Phlebotomy School

What is Northwest Phlebotomy School Known For?

Northwest Phlebotomy School is renowned for its accelerated and comprehensive certification programs in the healthcare field. It offers certification training programs in phlebotomy and intravenous (IV) procedures, both of which are essential for careers including phlebotomists and pharmacy technicians.

Students are able to receive certifications through 2- and 3-day courses, a unique feature of the school that allows them to acquire essential skills in a short amount of time. Offering both programs as in-person, hands-on courses across nearly 30 states, the school is a highly accessible option for individuals seeking to enter the healthcare field.

The school’s commitment to providing efficient and practical education contributes to its reputation as a trusted institution in the healthcare education field.

Is it legit?

Northwest Phlebotomy School boasts staff highly qualified in their fields. Students enrolled in the school’s courses learn essential skills with the guidance of their instructors and must additionally complete procedures such as drawing blood under supervision in order to complete their course, ensuring preparedness for a future career in the healthcare industry.

Additionally, students who have completed either of the school’s courses become eligible to sit for a number of state or national certification exams, such as the MA-P certification in medical assisting, and receive a National Phlebotomy Certification (NPC).

Is it worth it?

Northwest Phlebotomy School is a highly worthwhile choice largely due to its efficiency and low cost. Standard training programs in phlebotomy and/or IV procedures tend to be well into the thousands range in terms of cost, while Northwest Phlebotomy School’s programs are no more than $675 and $250 for phlebotomy and IV certifications respectively.

This price range, combined with the competitively low time needed to complete a course, makes the school a valuable pathway to a promising career in healthcare.

Northwest Phlebotomy School Acceptance Rate

Northwest Phlebotomy School’s acceptance rate is 100%. All students must also be 18 or older. While the phlebotomy course does not have any prerequisites, those interested in the IV certification course must either have qualifying medical education or have completed the school’s phlebotomy certification course.

Cost Per Year

All offered courses in phlebotomy, regardless of location, range from $675 to $775 depending on whether the course is two or three days long. All one-day IV certification courses are $250.

Northwest Phlebotomy School vs. Community College

Northwest Phlebotomy School’s programs offer a variety of benefits a traditional community college does not. All programs feature exceptionally small sizes – often no more than 15 students per instructor – ensuring students receive personalized attention and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Furthermore, the school features a number of community partners in a number of healthcare related fields, streamlining job placement following completion of a course and earning certification.

School Hours

All courses feature a number of options in regards to hours for those with demanding schedules in need of flexible times. For all phlebotomy courses, both weekday and weekend courses are offered, with times ranging from 10AM to 1PM to 6PM to 9PM.

The one-day IV certification courses are also offered at a variety of times, including 2PM to 6PM and 4PM to 8PM.

For all locations, the school’s office hours are 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.

Programs & Courses


  • Blood Collection
  • Safety
  • Practical Exam

IV Certification

  • IV catheter placement

Campus Locations

Seattle 1800 Yale Ave, Seattle, WA 98101