National Skilled Trades Day

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National Skilled Trades Day takes place on the first Wednesday of May.

What is National Skilled Trades Day?

Honoring skilled trades and recognizing their importance to society is crucial, and National Skilled Trades Day is an opportunity for our communities to do just that.

Skilled trades encompass a diverse range of professions. Common examples include

These individuals play a pivotal role in building and maintaining the infrastructure that sustains our communities.

National Skilled Trades Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging the expertise and hard work of individuals in these trades. It might emphasize the value of vocational education, highlight career opportunities in skilled trades, and encourage young people to consider these paths.

Recognizing the significance of skilled trades also promotes a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship and technical skills involved in these professions.

National Skilled Trades Day serves as a platform to address the growing demand for skilled workers and foster a sense of pride in these occupations. It also stands as an opportunity for communities to express gratitude for the essential contributions of skilled tradespeople to the development and maintenance of society.


How Did National Skilled Trades Day Start?

National Skilled Trades Day originated in 2019 in Youngstown, Ohio, and was founded by City Machine Technologies, Inc. The observance was established with a dual purpose: to address the labor shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic within the skilled trades, and to counter declining employment rates among tradespeople due to a retiring workforce by bringing awareness and celebration to the essential, yet often under-represented career field.

National Skilled Trades day may serve as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of pursuing a career in the trades and actively engages young people in considering these professions. It aims to dispel misconceptions about the trades, emphasizing the economic advantages of trade school over traditional college education and highlighting the flexibility and benefits of skilled trade careers.

National Skilled Trades Day also fosters community support for students exploring skilled trades, encouraging pride in those who choose this career path. It promotes educational initiatives, such as early introductions to the trades for students, career and technical center events, and involvement fairs.

Furthermore, the day may serve as a catalyst for fundraising efforts benefiting local education centers and elementary/high schools focused on skilled trades. It provides a platform for businesses to connect with potential employees through events and enables them to showcase the skills and contributions of their workforce.

Overall, National Skilled Trades Day is a multifaceted initiative aimed at promoting, celebrating, and supporting careers in the skilled trades.

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