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Connecting brands and their products to customers is what marketing is about. Since the rise of the internet, this practice has taken on new and exciting forms.

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Digital marketing trade schools teach students how to use these modern means to expand the reach of companies in the digital age.

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Digital marketing work covers a broad range of efforts that include the use of electronic devices and the internet as a means to attain consumers. Those in the field use search engines, social media, email, as well as other types of websites to connect with both current and potential patrons.


Salaries in this field vary immensely but for the sake of reference, below a table of annual salaries and wages by state for Marketing Managers.

Area Name Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage(2)
Alabama $64.75 $134,670.00
Alaska $52.26 $108,700.00
Arizona $67.36 $140,100.00
Arkansas $60.17 $125,150.00
California $89.69 $186,550.00
Colorado $85.15 $177,110.00
Connecticut $77.08 $160,330.00
Delaware $84.19 $175,120.00
District of Columbia $83.39 $173,450.00
Florida $72.61 $151,020.00
Georgia $72.12 $150,010.00
Hawaii $59.20 $123,130.00
Idaho $50.13 $104,280.00
Illinois $68.23 $141,910.00
Indiana $61.37 $127,650.00
Iowa $62.59 $130,190.00
Kansas $66.33 $137,960.00
Kentucky $65.48 $136,190.00
Louisiana $57.91 $120,450.00
Maine $61.60 $128,120.00
Maryland $69.74 $145,050.00
Massachusetts $79.51 $165,380.00
Michigan $62.37 $129,730.00
Minnesota $76.98 $160,110.00
Mississippi $46.30 $96,310.00
Missouri $62.37 $129,740.00
Montana $64.72 $134,630.00
Nebraska $55.03 $114,460.00
Nevada $53.64 $111,560.00
New Hampshire $77.35 $160,880.00
New Jersey $88.86 $184,820.00
New Mexico $60.59 $126,040.00
New York $91.46 $190,230.00
North Carolina $69.61 $144,790.00
North Dakota $60.93 $126,730.00
Ohio $67.98 $141,400.00
Oklahoma $64.52 $134,200.00
Oregon $63.60 $132,280.00
Pennsylvania $63.27 $131,590.00
Puerto Rico $47.90 $99,640.00
Rhode Island $83.56 $173,810.00
South Carolina $57.75 $120,120.00
South Dakota $69.13 $143,780.00
Tennessee $68.59 $142,660.00
Texas $66.60 $138,530.00
Utah $62.45 $129,900.00
Vermont $62.05 $129,070.00
Virgin Islands $38.92 $80,950.00
Virginia $82.19 $170,960.00
Washington $79.15 $164,630.00
West Virginia $50.19 $104,390.00
Wisconsin $68.03 $141,490.00

Occupation:Marketing Managers (SOC Code112021)

Since the term covers a broad number of roles, the expected salary varies depending on rank and region of the country. Average base pay for entry-level content marketing, social media, and SEO specialists is somewhere around $50k.

Remember that this pay hinges on location. Full-timers who own a digital marketing degree and live in large urban cities earn higher pay than those in smaller suburban portions of the country. The ceiling for ambitious staff members is high. Director and manager positions can earn anywhere from $70k-$100k yearly.

Career Overview

Types of Digital Marketers

The label, digital marketing, encompasses a variety of diverse jobs. Below are the most common entry-level positions for those with a digital marketing education.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Professionals use many processes to ensure websites rank higher on search engines, increasing traffic and revenue. Workers analyze keyword data, improve URL structures, make pages mobile-friendly, and much more.

Content Marketing – These digital marketing jobs involve the creation of content which grows the brand by increasing clicks and therefore the consumer base. Day-to-day duties consist of writing articles on blogs to illustrate a business’s expertise, leading to new clientele.

Social Media Marketer – Team members promote an employer or company by using social media channels. Boosting awareness and the number of site visitors are vital tasks that take up most of the day. They access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to reach out to customers.

Email Marketing – Workers in these roles use email as one of their main digital marketing tools to promote content, discounts, and upcoming events. By doing this, associates direct current or prospective buyers toward the brand’s website.

What Types of Skills Should a Digital Marketer Possess?

Being able to communicate effectively, whether it is with fellow team members or clients, strong verbal and written skills are a must. The ability to speak in front of peers in meetings or selling a service to potential patrons means public speaking is an everyday endeavor.

Whether emailing, posting online, or creating blogs, a digital marketer needs to convey a message in words.

The field is full of little things that lead to big outcomes. Every position demands staff be very detail-oriented.

Subtle shifts in customer habits, algorithms, and social media trends all have an effect on digital marketing work. Companies are also particular about brand messaging, so employees should always adhere to unique requests and guidelines.

Digital marketing schools encourage analytical thinking. SEO professionals observe analytics to increase traffic, while a copywriter might research information for a blog post.

Hopefuls are required to take a wealth of knowledge and turn it into a product which improves clients’ online presence and promotes services.

Tech Savvy

These professionals devote workdays researching, composing blogs, or interacting on social media platforms. So, being tech savvy is crucial to succeeding in digital marketing careers. Tactics are constantly changing because of newly developing concepts and technology, and it’s essential to keep up with the times.

The good news is this digital marketing skill doesn’t require serious higher education training. There are a lot of webinars, quick online digital marketing classes, videos, blogs, and podcasts to improve someone’s overall knowledge.

Other useful skills include:

  • Problem Solving
  • People Skills
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Effective Researcher
  • Basic HTML Knowledge
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Embrace Teamwork
  • Quick Learner
  • Well-organized

Work Environment

Because digital marketing duties include writing, attending meetings, and posting on sites, employees make desk areas comfortable and productive. One way to stay efficient is keep a clean and organized desk.

Common digital marketing equipment are computers, smartphones, notebooks, printers, copiers, and projectors.

What Should Workers Expect?

With so many different digital marketing requirements being imposed by a wide range of companies, the internet is a competitive place.

A professional’s job is to acquire traffic for clients or employers. That means ensuring consumer’s questions, concerns, and perception of the brand are first on the list.

Keeping abreast of the web’s shifting trends is another challenge digital marketers frequently face. This can be stressful as customer demands and search engine algorithms are in constant flux.

Workers must guarantee sites meet the changing tendencies of website design, SEO, and relevant content.

Where Can You Work?

Every industry needs to connect with consumers in some way. After, it’s important to continue relationships into the future. For these reasons, plus the growing presence of the internet, businesses of all kinds hire digital marketing trade school graduates to grow their company. Common places to find jobs are:

  • SEO Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Mobile App Design Companies
  • Banks
  • Media Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Fashion Designers
  • Healthcare Facilities

Are There Special Requirements for Digital Marketing Jobs?

Employers generally look for candidates who have digital marketing degrees from an accredited institution. However, they also consider hopefuls with schooling in areas such as event management, advertising, and communications.

Proficiency in a host of software is a plus while composing a digital marketing resume. List key educational benchmarks like HTML and Microsoft Office certifications. Companies always have use for potentials proficient in photo/video editing and web publishing programs as well.

Having a rich combination of digital marketing certificate, training, and experience lead to the best results when attempting to land a job in the industry.

Getting Hired

Whether freelancing or serving a large corporation, it is pivotal for professionals to promote themselves. Doing this makes sure that they continue to advance and grow alongside the field. There are several ways to boost one’s profile.

Creating a website is one excellent option to attract employers and customers. Building a webpage also demonstrates the ability to utilize thriving marketing strategies. These digital marketing skills include content creation as well as understanding of concepts key to a successful career in digital marketing.

Another method is to attend local or national digital marketing seminars. These are a great chance for hopefuls to network with peers, hand out business cards to clients, or meet employers seeking qualified candidates.

Can You Work Remotely?

Both big as well as small companies hire freelancers to perform tasks from the comfort of their kitchen or backyard by the pool. A good computer and internet connection make it possible to serve as a remote digital marketer. This practice drives efficiency, lowers stress, and reduces turnover.

Working from home isn’t for everyone. There are challenges that come along with it. Since employees aren’t physically at the office, it’s crucial to maintain a constant line of communication during business hours. A dependable internet service, a quality computer, and consistent schedule are also deciding factors of success.

Career Options

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is another digital marketing career people find themselves working. Designed around a model of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time a user click an ads.

The most popular form of this practice is on various search engines. Advertisers pay to have their pages appear at the top of result lists, leading to traffic and translating to sales.

Some similar jobs and fields to consider include the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Online Public Relations
  • Marketing Automation

What Are Alternate Careers for Digital Marketers?

Another path available for those with digital marketing skills to work is radio. This traditional field offers a very fruitful career opportunity to job seekers.

Radio ad agencies aid companies by creating campaigns designed to increase customer bases and boost revenue.

Much like online content specialists, staff in radio write copy for ads, conduct research on what time is best to promote products, and other similar tasks.

Career Outlook

The demand by businesses for those with digital marketing training is higher than any other in the field. As the reach of the internet and related technologies grow, companies consistently need to fill a range positions.