Trades That You Can Do From Home

trades that you can do from home


The upheaval caused by the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic shaped a new work reality, placing home at the work’s very center. In 2023, for example, a striking 12.7% of employees found themselves working within their home’s confines, with another 28.2% snuggling into a hybrid model.

However, adapting to a home-based work routine isn’t a universal fit across all professions. Some trades thrive amidst this shift, while others call for an in-person presence. If you’re searching for trades that you can do from home, this article is for you. Our list will guide you through the top 10 trades perfect for a work-from-home life.

Let’s dive in:

1. Travel Agent

When it comes to planning vacations, a Travel Agent has the expertise and resources to make travel dreams come true. In this profession, you’ll be responsible for researching destinations, managing flight and hotel reservations, and organizing events for clients.

What makes this trade even more appealing is its compatibility with remote work. All you need is a computer, internet access, and a dedicated phone line to excel in this home-based workspace. The cost for online training courses ranges from $2,000 to $3,000, and they typically take six months to two years to complete.

With an estimated mean annual salary of $48,250, working as a travel agent offers flexible opportunities, such as starting your home-based agency or joining established travel companies that provide remote and hybrid positions.

2. Graphic Design

As a Graphic Designer, you will use your creativity to take visual storytelling to the next level. This can span from designing impactful logos to constructing visually appealing marketing materials and digital assets. The trade demands a strategic use of color, a flair for typography, and an eye for visual aesthetics.

The flexibility of this profession, along with its digital nature, makes remote work possible and often preferred. Online programs for becoming a graphic designer range from $9,400 to $20,000, depending on the institution.

Additionally, the mean annual salary for this trade is a rewarding $64,500. Career opportunities aren’t limited to just design agencies. Many industries, like marketing, advertising, publishing, or tech companies, all value the skills that graphic designers bring to the table.

3. Medical Transcription

A Medical Transcriptionist has the important role of transforming physicians’ voice memos into formal, written records. This role, which is a key part of healthcare services, requires keen listening skills, fast typing speed, and an eye for detail.

Considering most of your work revolves around digital files, it is a profession well-suited for a remote environment. With costs usually between $1,000 and $5,000, online training programs can be completed within six months to two years, offering a flexible learning horizon.

As a Medical Transcriptionist, you can earn a mean annual salary of around $37,090. Opportunities can be found in diverse healthcare settings, or you can choose freelance opportunities to have more control over your work volume and schedule.

4. Web Development

Web Development, known for its strong connection to the work-from-home movement, combines the art of programming and design in creating and maintaining websites. Several languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python, constitute the foundation of web development.

To excel in this field, consider online training programs at an average cost of $1,000-$5,000. These courses offer a smooth entry into the exciting digital world while equipping you with the much-needed programming skills.

As a qualified web developer, the average yearly earning is $80,730—a figure that can see an upward trend if you take on multiple clients simultaneously. The field is also currently brimming with opportunities, be it as part of a tech-giant’s workforce or stepping into the shoes of a freelancer.

5. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development focuses on making apps for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Even though it’s related to web development, mobile app development stands independently because it’s all about mobile apps. With around 2.5 billion people across the world using mobile devices, the need for mobile apps is growing every day.

To make these apps, developers use special coding languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C. And just like web developers, mobile app developers can also work from home, enjoying the comfort of their own space.

To get started in this career, you can learn the relevant skills through online courses. Depending on the school and program, these courses usually cost between $1,000 to over $10,000. Once you’ve gained the right skills, you’re ready to start making apps, either for an app development agency or for your own freelance business.

The average yearly pay for a mobile app developer is about $124,200, as stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Given the growing number of mobile device users, it looks like there’ll be lots of work in the future for mobile app developers.

6. Professional English/Spanish Translator

A Professional English/Spanish Translator helps people communicate by turning English words into Spanish ones and vice versa. While English and Spanish are common, you are not limited to these two languages. Furthermore, this job is generally convenient because you can do it anywhere, even at home.

Becoming a translator requires some learning. There are online courses available that cater to different language pairs and technical skills. The cost of these courses might range from $2,400 to $5,700, depending on the complexity and duration.

After finishing your course, there are several working environments open to you. You can work in schools, hospitals, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and conference centers. As a translator, you also have the choice to work remotely. Many online platforms specialize in offering translation services where you can register and find work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, being a translator is not just about earning good money – nearly $61,730 a year. It’s also about the joy of connecting cultures and breaking down language barriers, all from the comfort of your home.

7. Freight Broker

A Freight Broker actively connects shippers with carriers. They arrange routes and nail down contracts to move goods efficiently. The best part is that this job is mostly done on the phone or online, coordinating between different parties. So, whether you’re at home or on the beach, you can manage the movement of goods with nothing more than a laptop and phone.

Kickstarting this career involves taking an online course. You’d typically spend between $1,000 and $5,000, primarily for licensing and setting up your business.

After completing your training, you can work with trucking companies or third-party logistics providers. Even shipping companies need freight brokers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you could make around $49,740 a year helping goods get where they need to go.

With the combination of flexibility, good pay, and the prospect of running your own business, becoming a Freight Broker can be an attractive career choice.

8. Computer Animation

As a Computer Animator, you bring characters and settings to life in movies, video games, and web applications. The beauty of this profession is the ability to work from home comfortably, using your computer and animation software to create stunning visual effects.

Starting out requires a mix of artistic talent, storytelling skills, and technical know-how. You’ll need to invest in an online program, which varies in cost depending on whether you choose an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or certificate course.

Once you’ve developed your skills, numerous work-from-home opportunities become available. You can join film studios, gaming companies, or advertising industries that embrace remote work. Alternatively, you can take the freelance route, collaborating with clients across the globe from your workspace.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a computer animator is $ 111,130, which makes this career both rewarding and lucrative.

9. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not only crucial for businesses but also offers a flexible work-from-home career. As a digital marketer, you build strategies to help businesses connect with their audience, enhance brand awareness, and increase sales.

Starting as a digital marketer typically requires some affordable professional courses to brush up on key skills like SEO, social media marketing, and data analysis. Once ready, all you need is a good laptop and website to start serving clients from the comfort of your home.

If you consider launching your own agency, digital marketing methods can directly fuel your growth. You’ll be using your expertise to generate visibility and client relationships.

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists an average annual salary of $138,730 for this role, remember that your income potential can be significantly higher as an independent contractor or agency owner. It’s a golden opportunity to combine your passion, skill, and the ease of remote work while reaping substantial financial rewards.

10. Cybersecurity

Today, businesses with a digital presence, using websites or cloud storage, must protect their data from continuous cyber threats. This demand has led to a surge in the necessity for cybersecurity specialists.

These specialists play a crucial role in securing information systems. They recognize risks, create firewalls, and execute prompt measures to counter cyber threats, all accomplished from home.

To become a cybersecurity professional, specialized training, usually available through online programs, is really important. These programs typically cost between $4,000 and $50,000 annually for a cyber security degree, offering the fundamental knowledge for this career path.

In terms of earnings, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics records an average yearly salary of $112,000 for cybersecurity specialists. The opportunity to provide services to multiple clients from home offers further potential to boost this income.

The Bottom Line

Exploring home-based trades shows you the flexibility and potential these careers offer. But this is just the beginning, as there are numerous work-from-home opportunities available. To succeed, you need the right skills, which can be gained in a few short months at a trade school.

Once you’ve grasped the basics, it’s up to you to select the trade that suits you best. Look for a trade school in your locality, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, and you’ll be well on your way toward a fulfilling home-based career.

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