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Overview of Social Services Programs

As such a far-ranging field, social services appeals to workers of many different interests. Of course, the common thread among social services jobs is compassion and a desire to help people. The main goal of this industry centers on giving others the tools they need to cope with problems in their everyday lives.

Social services workers may end up in a therapy setting, employed at a hospital or school, or even in the mortuary sciences.

Social Services Requirements

Higher education remains a constant requirement of social services jobs. Depending on the line of work, hopefuls may stop after earning an associate or bachelor’s degree in psychology or sociology. For more specific careers like counseling, students should complete a master’s program.

Prospective employers may look at related coursework, internships, and supervised training as well. These requirements differ based on what an individual wishes to achieve in the field.

Social Services Career Outlook

Growth and pay vary by specialization. The demand for social services work stays fairly consistent, particularly in mortuary sciences. Employees at funeral homes who aid in coping with loss can earn annual salaries upwards of $50k.

When it comes to counseling, the need for new professionals grows each year due to the emotionally-taxing demands of this social services job. Those filling these roles tend to make an average of $45k annually.

Common Tasks

Social services workers help clients adjust to challenges and changes in their lives, be it the death of a loved one or a move to a different city. Sometimes people come to them seeking help. Other times, the responsibility of targeting those in need falls to the professional.

In addition to offering counsel, these employees may have to connect their clients with other services. This can include helping them navigate the process of food stamp enrollment or finding childcare.

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